We attended the OHOW symposium from 12/8(Wed) to 12/10(Fri) at Pattaya in Thailand.

Hara, Horinouchi and Kuno made a presentation, of course in English.
This was the first symposium as OHOW Collaboration Organization that is in IIS U-Tokyo.
Several lab in IIS U-Tokyo sent many students in order to attend, Takeuchi-lab, Mizutani-lab, Kato-lab and Kuwano-lab.
One student from the University of Tokyo had an young scholar award of symposium, Yotsumoto-san at Mizutani-lab.
We promised “we should improve our English level & presentation skill” ourself.
And after the symposium, the organizier took our to the spot that we could know Pattaya/Thailland and learn about the global warming.
These all experience were really fresh for us.
Next time(year) will be in Bangladesh. We’re looking forward to join again.

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  1. Everyday, everytime, everywhere….
    Why can Hara-san make us so happy!!!


    1. 相変わらず、記事を上げてすぐのコメント、ありがとう!


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