Kuwano Laboratory 地盤保全工学



Kuwano laboratory started in April 2006. Research area covers basic/academic study, such as characterisation of mechanical properties of various types of geomaterials, as well as practical study,including long-term bahaviour

News お知らせ

Enjoying Poker!!

Again today, someone win and laugh, someone lose and cry.
Don’t bet too much!
You had better to check the remain of own coin and rival’s face, everytime.

Embankment tour at Takanawa Gateway

We visited the embankment that is the ruins of japanese oldest train.
We can’t describe the contents due to secret, but we can say that was quite interested.

<span aria-label="続きを読む Embankment tour at

Survey practice with Kiyota-lab member

We practiced the surface wave exploration with Kiyota-lab member.
Because of fine weather, I wanted to have lunch on the bench at this schoolyard.