Kuwano Laboratory 地盤機能保全工学



Kuwano laboratory started in April 2006. Research area covers basic/academic study, such as characterisation of mechanical properties of various types of geomaterials, as well as practical study,including long-term bahaviour

Introduction Video / 研究室紹介動画

動画だけでなく、過去のブログ からも研究室の様子を確認できます。

We made the introduction video about the research and students life in kuwanolab.
Not only, if you read the past articles, you can check

News お知らせ

Ontake Field Suevey

We went to Otaki Village, Nagano Prefecture, to conduct field survey.


JGS 57th Conference & Sado Island Trip

We went to Niigata to join the JGS 57th Conference.


Shiraizuka Kofun Survey

We went to the Shiraizuka Kofun at Komae-city to conduct the surface wave survey.