On October 24-28, we went to Hokkaido for field survey.

We were divided into two teams: Abira team and Atsuma team.

Abira team conducted surface wave survey and underground water sound survey at a former golf course.
A study on the attenuation of shear waves travelling through the ground was also carried out.

Atsuma team conducted in-situ direct shear tests and sampled undisturbed soils at a slope failure site.

On 27 October, we worked with members of Professor Ram’s laboratory at Hokkaido university. We visited each other’s fields and exchanged information about our research.
They had a very good drone and Kuno-san envied them.

It was cold, but the weather was fine, and we were able to complete the survey successfully!

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  1. 斜面でも原位置試験ができるんですか??



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