We held the two fields simultaneous survey at Hokkaido this year too.
One group investigated on golf course at Abira in Hokkaido.
Another one investigated on volcanic soil slope at Atsuma in Hokkaido.

続きを読む: Hokkaido Abira&Atsuma Survey

We had many co-workers(helpers) this time.
Wang-san and Tao-san from Chuo Kaihatsu(中央開発) Corp.
Watanabe-sensei and Tajima-san from Hongo Geo Lab.
Nikolay-san from IIS Kiyota Lab. Kuwashito-san from IIS Ishihara Lab.

Each of us did own best, everyone helped each other and finished the survey.
The survey was very significance, I belieave we can get good data.

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